Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today's Options for Tooth Loss Would Leave George Washington Biting into an Apple

Tooth Loss- One in Four Adults Will Lose a Tooth During Their Lifetime.

Today's options for tooth loss would leave George Washington biting into an apple.  Many suffers of tooth loss are left with the complicated decision of which option to choose, dental implants or the more common and least expensive option of dentures.  For those who are missing teeth, both lower and upper, the research shows the least expensive option may not be the best.  The inconvenience of a denture isn't the only side effect.. bone loss and the compilations thereof play a significant factor in why your dentist may recommend dental implants. 

Custom dentures, carefully crafted by a qualified dentist may be the only option for some patients but, those numbers are being reduced as further advances in implant dentistry is making huge strides in the use of dental implants.  Careful impressions, digital X-rays and fittings are initially made as your dentist and dental laboratory design your denture. When a denture is first placed, the fit is fairly secure since it’s designed to conform to the gum ridge and jaw bone arch that exists at the time the procedure is done.  But over time the absence of the natural tooth root may cause problems.
Without the presence of tooth roots the bone begins to ‘resorb,’ or shrink in height and width. This is  accelerated by the pressure of wearing dentures. For those who sleep in their denture, resorption is a 24/7 process. This is why dentures that fit well when they were first made begin to slip, causing uncomfortable rubbing or sore spots on the gums. Relines may help at first, but eventually, so much resorption occurs that there is too small of a ridge for the denture to ‘grip.’
Those complications and the inconvenience of dentures are factors many adults consider as they face their options.  Eating becomes difficult with a denture that slips and shifts against the gums. Uncomfortable rubbing occurs and many people resort to a diet of soft foods that dissolve easily in the mouth. Denture adhesives and pastes only help for brief periods but have to be reapplied frequently.Most adults are selecting Dental Implants for tooth replacement.  Dental Implants recreate the presence of tooth roots in the jaw bone, halting (or greatly minimizing) bone loss. They provide dependable biting and chewing stability and are designed to last a lifetime.  Dr. David Zelby usually ask a final questions as he explains the pros and cons of a patients options, "Do you want to eat a steak?"  Interview a denture wearers and you will hear the embarrassing stories of slippage, clipping and the insecurity of not knowing what will happen as you smile, chew and talk.  Dentures are becoming an artifact of history and pleasantly so when patients place their dentures on the shelf for good.

When thinking of a dental implant consider that it is acting a natural tooth root for the missing tooth.  The implant is actually a small titanium alloy screw that is permanently anchored into the jawbone.  After placement your prosthodontist will place the newly crated "tooth."

For long-term, lifelike replacement of missing teeth, dental implants are the most technologically advanced solution.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Assists in proper chewing for a healthy and improved diet.
  • Allows for a comfortable, secure and radiant smile.
  • Improves speech pronunciation and supports natural facial contour.
  • Eliminates the need to grinding healthy teeth nearby
  • Decreases bone loss and gum recession.
  • Proven long term history of success.

Discuss the benefits of tooth replacement options with Dr. David Zelby in a private consultation.   The dental implant procedure at his office incorporates a team of specialist doctors.  Dr. Zelby is a prosthodontist, which is a speciality in dentistry recognized by the American Dental Association® which focuses on complete restoration of damaged or missing teeth.  a prosthodontist is a "true cosmetic dentist," with advanced education and skills.   At your consultation the dental professionals at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta will answer your questions and assist you as you make the best decision for your individual needs. Call (770) 955-0559 or visit our website at Dentures are becoming an artifact of history and pleasantly so when patients place their dentures on the shelf for good.